SWINY has an open board — anyone interested in volunteering to help run SWINY may attend board meetings. Contact any board member below for more information.

Current Board Members


Joe Bonner — Co-Chair
Freelance communications consultant
@bonnerj on Twitter

David L. Levine — Co-Chair
Freelance Health/Medical Writer
@dlloydlevine on Twitter

Alan S. Brown — Secretary
Freelance writer

Sheila Sperber Haas, PhD — Treasurer
Freelance writer


Rita Baron-Faust, MPH, CHES
Medical Journalist, Health Educator

Amiad Finkelthal
PR Professional with Healthcare & Social Media Expertise

Miriam Gordon
Independent Scientific Editor/Writer/Blogger
@miriamgordon on Twitter

Dottie Jeffries
Communications and Media Relations
Jeffries Marketing 

Carol Milano
Health Care and Environmental Journalist

Andreas von Bubnoff
Science writer and blogger
@avbubnoff on Twitter

Lloyd Zimmerman
Freelance Writer

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