Director, Scientific Communications

Manhattan, New York

Medical Education Responsibilities:

Assist in the development of strategy, messaging and content review for various clients (ie, Botulinum Neurotoxin) in pre-launch and post-launch phases
Review scientific content of developed medical education tactics to ensure scientific rigor and accuracy
Attend national congresses in selected therapeutic areas and compile Executive Summary/Report
Interact with KOLs in multiple therapeutic categories to determine strategy and messaging for selected product classes
Assist in recognizing medical education opportunities for various existing and new clients and assist in coordinating and overseeing messaging communications platform
Assist in the strategy and development of CME content for the Conference Division at McMahon in the launched initiatives. (ie, Pain, CNS, Gastro, Oncology)
Assist in developing medical education publication planning capabilities and manage freelancers and internal staff writers as appropriate (freelancers and internal writers hired on an as-needed basis, and not necessarily from current internal resources)

Smart Marketing Science Laison (Editorial/Sales Interface):

Provide appropriate level of research for key business pitches as determined by director of med ed
Be an active participant in the above by accompanying sales team on pre-approved client platform sales calls to review scientific messaging and suggest McMahon core responses.
Assist in strategic development of scientific content for key special projects in key areas (CME and NON)
Act as a scientific resource for editorial when necessary and appropriate, as well as key sales teams as determined by director of med ed.

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