Writer for science/theatre project

Freelance, New York, New York

Job Description:

Working Man’s Clothes (www.workingmansclothes.com), an award winning off-off broadway company, seeks a writer with an interest in physics and theatre, and with access to publishing bodies (online or hardbound) to join up with us as we stage our next full length production set for this February, ‘MANY WORLDS‘ by William Borden. A world premiere of a play which uses quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, pop culture, and the theory of multi-universe to examine a love-triangle between 3 people.

-Please contact the email address provided if interested in writing a long feature, short feature, and/or interview with directors/actors/playwrights!

Compensation negotiable depending upon level of involvement and access to publishing bodies / widely viewed forums (scientific focus or news focus)!

If interested, get in touch – we’d be happy to forward you the script if interested in reading prior to further discussion!

Contact: colew@workingmansclothes.com

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