Scientific Communications Associate (FT, NYC)

McMahon Group, Full Time, New York

Job Description

A scientific communications associate is responsible for assisting in the development of strategy, messaging and content review for various clients.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Review scientific content of medical education tactics to ensure scientific rigor and accuracy; Attend national congresses in selected therapeutic areas and compile Executive Summaries/Reports; Interact with Key Opinion Leaders in multiple therapeutic categories to determine strategy and messaging for selected product classes; Assist in identifying medical eduation copportunities for various existing clients and new clients and assist in coordinating and overseeing messaging communications platform; Assist in the strategy and development of CME content for our Conference Division of McMahon Publishing Group; Assist in developing medical education content; Manage freelancers and internal staff writers as appropriate.

Essential Functions:
Provide appropriate level of research for key business proposals as determined by management; Accompany sales team in client sale platform; Assist in strategic development of scientific content for projects in identified areas.

Essential Skills:
Scientific educational background; Research skills.

Non-essential functions: Strong sales support, accompanying sales team in proposals; management of team.

Contact: Jeannie Moyer,

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