Science (Biotechnology) Curriculum Writers, Rebirth (Freelance, Anywhere)

Job Title:
Science (Biotechnology) Curriculum Writers, Rebirth

Freelance, Anywhere

Job Description:

Rebirth is seeking science (biotechnology, bioscience, biomedicine) curriculum writers with five (5) or more years of experience. The persons should have experience in education curriculum development; writing textbook or science books; research and writing; education standards; British and/or American Grammar and English; writing for K12 (Children’s materials); and trained in biotechnology, biochemistry, etc.

Further, the writers maybe graduate students; teaching assistants; postdoctoral fellows; professors; teachers or scientific professionals in his/her respective fields retired or active.

Also, the potential writers may have experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Teaching (Microbiology, Biology, etc)
  • Curriculum Development (science)
  • Research (Biotechnology, bioscience, etc)
  • Plant
  • – Animal
  • Environment
  • Drugs development
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Others

Rebirth is seeking writers to create and develop curriculum for Kindergarten through high school. Should be experienced in designing and writing standards-based science curriculum, instruction, and student assessment. Must have at least a Bachelor Degree. As a consultant, freelance, you will work from your place of convenience Send resume, cover letter, references, curriculum writing samples, protocols, etc to:

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