Medical Writer (Freelance, anwhere)

Job Title:
Medical Writer

Freelance, anywhere

Job Description:
I am looking for a creative medical writer to do some freelance rewriting/editing for me. I am currently finishing a review article on the best practices for the comprehensive treatment of chronic pain. While I think that I have done a good job of evaluating the evidence from the medical literature and am a fair technical writer, I would like it to be both accessible and compelling to a more general audience. I would be thrilled if someone could raise the writing to the level of some of the articles on medicine that I have read in Scientific American or by Atul Gawande in The New Yorker. Essentially, I would like it to bridge the gap between a scholarly and popular piece of work, while maintaining its academic credibility with meticulous documentation. If this turns out well, I anticipate that I would be able to provide similar work with some regularity.

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