Health Writers, KnowConomy (Freelance, Anywhere)

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Health Literacy Start-up KnowConomy Seeks Freelance Writers

Freelance, anywhere

Job Description:
I am writing to you on behalf of our new start-up company, At KnowConomy we plan to take largely inaccessible premium content, such as medical journal articles, and make it available to regular people over the internet. Since medical journals are prohibitively priced (sometimes over $150/issue!) and written in medical jargon, this creates a frustrating gap between people who could benefit from the information and the manner in which it is presented. We will bridge this gap by offering summarized versions of the medical journal articles, written in clear language, and offered for a fair price. Increasing health literacy is both our mission and our business model.

We are looking for freelance writers to become contributors to our service, providing these article summaries. To be upfront, I must make it clear that we are brand new start-up company, and as such we do not have much money yet. There is a possibility that we will need to pay our summarizers with royalties on each summary purchase, and though we eventually hope to reach a large user base, it will take us time to gain momentum. Nonetheless, writers interested in creating summaries and getting in on the ground floor to help create new access to health information, please contact for more details. Thank you for your time.

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