May 13th: A SWINY Outdoor Event: Rainwater Harvesting (New Location)

SWINY is singing in the Rain(garden)!

Dias y FloresJoin us on Tuesday, May 13, to explore Rainwater Harvesting, the urban adaptation of the ancient technique to catch rain for later use, at Dias y Flores Garden on East 13th Street between Avenues A and B. Please note this is a new location. (Singing optional, but you may feel like it during our Science Writers-only guided tour of a vast green facility.)

Background: Gardens in Austin, Seattle, and Chicago save money and reduce serious pollution

caused by combined sewer overflows (CSO) by utilizing rainwater.

A 2002 drought spawned New York’s Water Resources Group (a collective of environmental professionals and community gardeners), which has now built 40 rainwater-harvesting systems in the five boroughs. One of the most impressive is at Dias y Flores community garden in the East Village.

Visiting that facility, we’ll learn how rainwater harvesting works, and see their
* state-of-the-art system
* gorgeous, photo-op flower gardens
* intricately-patterned pathways designed of recycled bottles

This SWINY event, like rainwater, is chlorine- and cost-free.

When: Tuesday, May 13, 6-8 pm

Where: Dias y Flores Garden
520 East 13 Street (between Avenues A & B)

Who: Program led by Lars Chellberg, Site Coordinator, Open Space Greening Program, Council on the Environment of New York City. (And one of the Rain or Community Gardeners.)

How to get there: L Train to 1st Avenue (transfer from 14th Street stop of any subway line). Walk South 1 block, turn Left on East 13 Street
F train to First Ave exit of Second Ave station. Walk north for 13 blocks, turn right on East 13 Street.

Bonus: food and beverage opportunities at dozens of nearby restaurants

RSVP to Carol Milano by May 1,

This event is on come shine or rain — the better to see the harvest!

More info on rainharvesting at

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