Science news writer, Today’s Science (Freelance)

Job Title:
Science news writer, Today’s Science


Job Description:
Today’s Science, a science news subscription website aimed at high schools, is looking for scientifically literate writers interested in doing freelance pieces on new research in biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, etc. Our stories typically run about 1,000 words, and we pay $0.30 a word (ceiling of $350). We want writing that is engaging and accessible, but with a strong focus on scientific concepts and experimental methods; writers are expected to have taken a number of rigorous college-level (or grad level) courses. If interested, send an email with resume and writing sample to Chris Larson, managing editor of Today’s Science, at

Today’s Science is a part of Facts on File News Services, an imprint of Infobase Publishing. This link gives more information about us:

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