Consider joining the SWINY Board


What’s new and different at SWINY? Maybe you!

We join SWINY because of accessible activities that make it easy and enjoyable to expand our science awareness, improve our professional and business savvy, and network. And the thread through it all is meeting others like ourselves—fellow science writers—rare breed that we are!

Make your rewards even better—join the SWINY Board!

A unique benefit from joining an organization comes from volunteering. Although our educational and networking opportunities provide the stimulating experiences you joined SWINY for, working side by side with a varied group of other science writers is the single best way to plug into the New York science writing scene.

You won’t just meet other writers who share your experiences and concerns. Gathering regularly and working together, you’ll get to know them. Learn from them. Keep up with the latest trends in science and publishing. Propose and help plan the events that most excite you.

And it works both ways. We on the Board always welcome new members, because you bring the infusion of new ideas, new energy, and new perspectives that keeps SWINY at its best.

SWINY’s Board is special. It’s an open board—to be a member, just come to board meetings. Work on the projects that fit your interests and your schedule. Take the lead or provide support.

Whether you’re bursting with new ideas or prefer to get your bearings first isn’t important. Come, see what it’s all about, and decide if you’d like to be part of it.

We meet on the second Monday of each month, usually from 6:00–8 pm, at a convenient midtown location. Sometimes we combine it with dinner and schmoozing.

For the date and place of our next meeting or simply for more information, contact Joe Bonner (212-327-8998 or or David L. Levine (212-788-5438 or

We look forward to seeing you!

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