Oct. 29: Land, Sea, Sky & The Science Writer: A Down-to-Earth Day at Lamont-Doherty

Did you know that New York City has frequent earthquakes? Or that carbon dioxide can be turned into stone for safe, leakproof storage? Care to get up close and personal with a basalt borehole?

Join SWINY on October 29 at Columbia University’s prestigious Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, just up the Hudson near the New York/New Jersey border. You’ll get to see presentations by world-renowned scientists in diverse environmental and geological specialties, chat with them informally over lunch, and even interview them one-on-one.

Highlights from a wide-ranging program of surprises, discoveries, and illuminations:

    • What deep sea mud and rock divulges about meteorites and ancient climate –- one core sample even documents a tsunami right here on the Hudson River!

    • All the unsuspected seismic risks and earthquake history in our own neighborhood

    • What ancient tree rings unexpectedly reveal about the Asian monsoons — with a live tree-coring demonstration

    • How exploring melting glaciers at both poles lets Lamont scientists prepare the world’s first comprehensive map of invisible peaks hidden beneath miles of ice

    • A new way to deal with CO2: pumping it into calcium- and magnesium-rich geologic deposits, where it’s transformed into tightly-sealed limestone

    • What sediment in Hudson Valley bogs, marshes and swamps discloses about long-term human/climate interactions here

This jam-packed, unique program is FREE, but enrollment is limited, and spaces are filling up quickly.

Due to strictly limited enrollment, we encourage you to RSVP up as soon as possible.

Registration form and COMPLETE PROGRAM, including information on all the speakers: http://swiny.posterous.com/private/zurvmHFIqv

Date: Thursday, October 29
Time: 10:45 am to 4 pm

    a) 10 am — free Columbia U. shuttle bus from Broadway & W. 120 Street. Shuttle returns from Lamont at 4, 5, 6 or 7 pm (Writer’s Choice)
    b) NJ Transit Bus from Port Authority midtown and George Washington Bridge terminals
    c) Carpool: a Brooklyn SWINY member has 6 seats available in a van. (Indicate “Brooklyn Carpool” when you RSVP, for more details)
    d) Drive (directions on www.LDEO.columbia.edu), or even form your own carpool.
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