Biomedical Scientific Writer, University of North Carolina (FT/PT, Chapel Hill, NC)

Job Title:
Biomedical Scientific Writer, University of North Carolina

Full time/Part time, Chapel Hill, NC

Job Description:
Do you want to help us write world-leading manuscripts on subjects like our efforts to decode the Human Genome?
If you …
-Are an experienced science writer
-Love telling a good science story on the page -Have heard of Strunk and White, and understand the maxim “Don’t use unneeded words”
-Enjoy the challenge of transforming opaque and garbled story flow into a clear, enjoyable story progression -Would like to help non-native English speaking authors to improve the communication of their ideas -Would enjoy learning about new subjects like computer science, bioinformatics, and proteomics enough to help write about them -Are a proven quick learner who doesn’t need handholding to get started

Then we offer…
-Flexible work hours
-The possibility of working off site (including from the NY area) -A challenging but positive environment where you will always learn new things -Competitive hourly rates based on experience ($10-30/hr) -The opportunity to advance biological science and human health -Teamwork and camaraderie

Demonstrable scientific writing/editing/authoring experience is the only prerequisite of the position.

The Giddings Lab at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill studies how genomes work by developing and applying leading edge computing methods. We are a group of around 15 people supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health, with diverse backgrounds in everything from hard-core computer science to physics to microbial biology. We like working with other smart, off-the-wall people.

To apply, please send a resume and at least two samples of your work to, with a cover letter describing why this sounds like the right job for you.

Contact: Ashley Secrest,

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