Science Writer, Harlem Children Society (NYC)

Job Title:
Science Writer, Harlem Children Society
New York, New York

Job description:
Harlem Children Society (URL: is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting an Innovative Science Education Program for Children and Youth living in under-resourced and under-served communities and school districts. We seek to engage learners in a healthy enquiry of the world, and to expose them to opportunities that are available in the field of science.
We seek to emphasize their pursuit of higher education and career achievement by providing them with knowledge, skills, guidance, encouragement and understanding.

We aim to develop a society for a better humanity by creating awareness in scientific literacy and social issues. Harlem Children Society (HCS) is a 9 1/2 year old “bridge program” that provides an opportunity for extremely high level of scientific research at leading scientific and medical institutions for select high school (Grades 8-12) and Under-Graduate students from low-income areas in New York City, the Tristate area, across the country nationally, and a Global program in several countries in all continents. Students are paired with mentors, who are top professionals in their field, and train and work on specific projects. The program identifies under-resourced and under-served communities, targets at-risk children and youth in those communities and provides them an opportunity to explore the world and their future through science, thereby helping to revitalize the community as a whole.

HCS has developed and demonstrated a sound and successful model for engaging high school students from underserved communities in scientific research and study that increases their interest in science, improves study skills and self-confidence and prepares them for entry into competitive institutions of higher education. We feel that we are ready to expand our program in New York City and to other cities across the country so that many more young people can take advantage of our offering.

The Science Writer will be responsible for researching, preparing and submitting articles in per reviewed journals and other media related outlets and releases in support of HCS’s ongoing needs and priorities. S/he will assist with strategies in planning and implementing a proactive and effective program of fund development. S/he will report to the President/CEO.

* Write, review, and edit Manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals and science media.
* Experience HIGHLY DESIRED in any or all of the following:
o Interpretation of data
o Publications strategies
o Proposals for and execution of public relations and advertising campaigns and medical education programs
o Medical and scientific writing
o Preparation of manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals
o Investigator brochures
o Symposium proceedings
o Monographs
o Materials for continuing medical education programs
o Sales training programs
o Medical backgrounders
o Educational brochures
o Fundraising brochures
o Audiovisual scripts
o Newsletters
o Executive summaries

* Research potential publication sources through a variety of printed and electronic sources to match program focus with HCS projects.

* Bachelor’s Degree and minimum of three years writing experience in journals and other media.
* Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
* Excellent interpersonal skills.
* Demonstrated experience and ability to research projects through a variety of means.
* Ability to prioritize projects, meet deadlines, manage several projects simultaneously and work well under pressure.
* Computer literacy and data base familiarity.
* Ability to work well with diverse groups including internal and external audiences.
* Ability to seek and synthesize information and communicate in a compelling and succinct form.
* Disciplined self-starter who can set and achieve goals.

Anticipated start date: December 2009

Application Instructions

To Apply: Send cover letter and resume via email with “Grants Writer” on the subject line to:

Dr. Sat Bhattacharya, E-mail:

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