We’d love to hear from you!

Hi SWINY party goers,

We hope you had a wonderful evening at our annual party and enjoyed the ambiance, company, nibbles, and Mary Leakey-centric drinks and door prizes.

We want our annual celebration of science writerhood and community to be as convivial and satisfying as we can arrange. Your feedback plays an important role in this. We’d love you to take a minute and tell us what you thought of your evening and any suggestions for the future.

Please leave your comments below.

Your input is appreciated, and will help us do our best job when we bring next year’s party to life.

The SWINY Board

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6 Responses to We’d love to hear from you!

  1. Susan Atlas says:

    Great fun and good networking! I would do it again anytime.

  2. Celia Vimont says:

    I enjoyed speaking with everyone I met, but there were so many more people I never got to meet that evening. I would love SWINY to have an event where at the beginning everyone introduces themselves and gives a quick one-minute “elevator speech” about what they do before everyone breaks up into groups to chat – that way, you know who you want to speak with in advance, and can at least exchange cards with people you want to follow up with even if you don’t have time to talk with everyone. That format wouldn’t really work in a bar, so it might be a different event than the annual party.

  3. The party was great – great people, excellent door prizes and outstanding location. The food was excellent, but sparse (especially for we vegetarians) – but a great time overall!

  4. Just joined. The party was a very positive experience – good snacks, good company. Although I only had the opportunity to meet a few people, I look forward to future events and conversations.

  5. Usha Sankar says:

    This was the first I had come to a SWINY event and I had a great time. I got to meet a bunch of very nice people that I am going to keep in touch with. I agree with Dennis Tartaglia about the scarcity of choice for us vegetarians. The door prizes were excellent and the fossil I got was a big hit with my family.

  6. Marguerite Dunne says:

    Interesting people and a great night. When can we do this again? Once a month? Please….

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