Book Chapter Editor (Freelance, NYC)

Job Title: Editor

Freelance, New York City

Job Description:
Edit, re-write chapters

In order to best address the needs of sexual assault patients throughout emergency departments in New York City, we intend to create a comprehensive, “quick reference” handbook for EM clinicians. There is an identified need to bridge the knowledge gap and inconsistencies that exist – among NYC hospitals in terms of care offered and provided to sexual assault patients. We intend to combine best medical and forensic practice techniques and “survivor-centered” models of care with the most current data available regarding the treatment of sexual assault patients in an ED setting (including DOH and CDC standards). The intended audience for a publication of this nature would be EM medical professionals, both with and without formalized sexual assault forensic training, in various stages of experience and areas of expertise.

Caring for patients of sexual assault is not a new topic in New York City emergency departments. However, medical professionals in these settings vary widely in practice and approach due partially to their various stages of education, exposure (or lack thereof) to SAFE training and programmatic support. This reference guide will combine models of care and expertise in a clear, concise and accessible manner. It is intended to serve as an aid for any medical professional working with a sexual assault patient, and covers aspects of care including but not limited to the sexual assault examination

Contact: Dr. BrigitteAlexander,

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