Writer/Producer, American Museum of Natural History

Writer/Producer, American Museum of Natural History

Full Time, Manhattan

The American Museum of Natural History seeks a full-time science writer and graphics producer for Science Bulletins, the Museum’s multimedia program covering new research in the natural sciences. Science Bulletins produces documentaries, animated news stories, and data visualizations that are displayed in the Museum’s exhibition halls, on the Museum’s website (http://www.amnh.org/sciencebulletins), and at two dozen additional science centers around the country.

The writer will write and produce a regular series of animated news stories that use graphics and scientific data to explain emerging findings in the biological, earth, and space sciences. S/he will collaborate with on-site science advisors to research story ideas, acquire visual assets, write scripts, and manage the work of production artists. Overall, the writer/producer is responsible for all aspects of the series to ensure that stories are produced on schedule, are scientifically and editorially accurate, and are of high production quality.

The writer will also write web content for all Science Bulletins media pieces and manage the publishing of content online, as well as write additional content such as educator’s guides, promotional materials, subscriber newsletters, and AMNH news items.

Beyond excellent writing and organizational skills and versatility with multiple scientific disciplines, ideal candidates will have keen visual sensibilities and experience in video/multimedia/web production, as well as a passion for public education in the sciences.

Please send resume, cover letter, and writing, video, and/or multimedia clips to vawilliams@amnh.org

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