Writers, Scholastic MATH/DynaMath (Freelance)

Job Title:
Writers, Scholastic MATH/DynaMath


Job Description:
Scholastic MATH magazine for students in middle school (grades 6-9) and DynaMath magazine for students in elementary school (grades 3-6) are looking for freelancers. The magazines meld science, technology, engineering, economics, sports, current events, art and even entertainment with elementary and middle-school math skills.

It’s preferable that a writer have some sort of experience writing for a student audience, but we are excited to work with people willing to learn a new style of writing and reporting. We expect fun, lively writing and top-notch reporting on these high-interest stories. We typically assign stories to writers, but we are also open to pitches.

Most stories must have a strong visual element to lure young readers in and get them excited about the topic and doing the math skill.

We pay $100 for our very short 75 word news stories. The features pay $350-500 and consist of a 250 word article, 5 print math questions and
5 online math questions, and include any necessary directions, charts, or graphs. For those interested, please visit our websites (which currently have free, open access): http://math.scholastic.com/ and http://dynamath.scholastic.com/

We look forward to hearing from you.


Karina Hamalainen, Editor, DynaMath, khamalainen@scholastic.com
Andrew Klein, Editor, MATH, aklein@scholastic.com

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