Team/Collaborative Writer (Freelance, Anywhere)

Job Title:
Team/Collaborative Writer

Freelance, Wherever You Are — Online & Skype

Job Description:
Write a 500 to 1000 words “audition piece” for a “research-based self-help book” & website focused on the “collaborative nature” (“team nature”) of us human beings.

The research support for this project includes: Evolutionary Psychology; Child Development (primarily Attachment Theory) Research; Interpersonal Neurobiology; Self Determination Theory and Social Psychology in general. (You don’t need to be familiar with any of this research, but you do need to be seriously interested in brain science, social science, cognitive science, attention science, any science related in some way to “human nature science”)

We provide audios (45-60 mins) outlining-developing the “raw material”
for your audition piece, plus optional follow up interviews to ask questions and check out your ideas (90 minutes max).

We will pay for the audition piece.

* In your application specify your bid. We recommend you quote us a fee of 20 to 50% of your usual fee. We think the possibility of working with us on the development of this project (and possible future projects) is a valuable enough opportunity for you to offer a
reduced fee for this audition piece

* If you have substantial demonstrated science writing success for a broad audience (especially successful book), don’t hesitate to quote us your going rate for doing this audition piece if you would not otherwise apply.

* If you’re an unpublished writer (or very limited published work) you have a better chance of being chosen for the audition if you agree do the audition for nominal or no pay.

Full Description of our “Audition Process” available upon request.


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