Chemistry Education Writer, Visionlearning (Freelance)

Job Title:
Chemistry Education Writer, Visionlearning, Inc.

Freelance, Location flexible

Job Description:
The Visionlearning project (, a science education website funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education, seeks a staff writer who will work with our Chemistry Editor in writing and producing online chemistry modules as well as developing chemistry-related content for other areas of our website.

We are seeking applications for the writing of the following group of Atomic Theory (AT) modules:

  • AT I (modification of existing module) This module will describe the early state of atomic theory, from Thomson’s discovery of the electron through the Rutherford planetary model of the electron.
  • AT II (revision of current module)
    This module will pick up from AT I to describe the quantum nature of the atom (Bohr model) and its implications for electron structure, position, and bonding.
  • AT III (new module)
    This module will pick up from AT II to discuss the wave nature of the electron, electron clouds, orbital shapes, Heisenberg Uncertainty, and other topics. This module will be relatively conceptual in nature and should leave mathematical calculations to later modules.
  • AT IV (new module)
    This model will cover atomic structure and physical properties, including how atomic weight, number, and electron structure affect size, shape, and physical properties of atoms. The module will also include a discussion of isotopes.
  • AT V (new module)
    This module will pick up on AT IV to provide more advanced concepts in atomic theory appropriate for general chemistry instruction, including the configuration of elements, Schrödinger, transition metals, effects on bonding, and other topics.

Specific tasks include:

  • Working with the Chemistry Editor to outline topics for chemistry modules;
  • Writing and assisting with developing educational modules related to chemistry;
  • Writing standards-based quiz questions and supporting the writing of relevant glossary definitions to accompany new modules;
  • Participating in our social media and outreach strategy by contributing chemistry- and teacher-related blog posts relevant to the content.

The position is a part-time contractual hire with a compensation rate to be negotiated on a per task and module basis. The position requires significant professional writing experience in a chemistry-related area. In addition, creativity, initiative, the ability to work with others, and the capacity to adapt to the writing voice of the project while adhering to style guidelines are critical skills. Experience writing for the college educational sector, particularly engaging writing directed at undergraduate students, is highly desired. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a chemistry-related field is expected; and experience teaching or in education is a plus.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, at least one relevant writing sample, and the names of three references to Eric Dillalogue, Applications received by May 25th will be given preference. provides high-quality, accessible, educational content in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines at the introductory undergraduate level. Our free materials, targeted to both students and educators, make available peer-reviewed, bilingual content that not only explores specific STEM concepts, but examines how we have come to understand them, the people who have contributed to our understanding, and the ongoing research that builds our scientific knowledge. By utilizing the Internet and new media, and incorporating both the history of science and process of discovery in all of our learning modules, we aim to improve student understanding of science, promote multi- and inter-disciplinary teaching, and provide a community foundation for those interested in improving STEM education.

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