Renew Your Membership for 2015

keep-calm-and-join-swiny-1With 2015 approaching…take a moment to renew your annual membership in our local community of science writers—SWINY—the greater metropolitan area’s leading professional and social hub for science, medical, and healthcare writers, editors, and PIOs.

Outstanding programs. We dedicate ourselves to creating timely, provocative, expert-centered events that keep us on our toes, stretch our minds, improve our craft, and provide novel story ideas. And every event and gathering provides a new networking opportunity (plus tasty refreshments).

Our experts value us as much as we value them. Presenters consistently tell us that we are an outstanding group in a class of our own—the best informed and most engaged, with the most intelligent and stimulating questions of any group of science writers to whom they’ve presented.

SWINY’s modest $30 annual dues* are easily earned back, and more, by what you save via FREE ADMISSION or reduced fees for events and for our annual end-of-February party.

Highlights of 2014:

 The ABCs of SEO: How to be Search-Engine Friendly

This thorough and focused guide to producing search-engine friendly documents was co-presented with ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors).

 Genetically Modified Foods—the Sense, Science, & Nonsense

An informative, thought-provoking panel discussion set forth what we really know about GMOs and made clear why they cause such a firestorm of controversy. Co-sponsored with AHJC (Association of Health Care Journalists).

 An Evening With Gretchen Rubin, Author of The Happiness Project

This NY Times best-selling author talked about her work, answered questions from the audience, and signed books available for discount purchase. (ASJA co-sponsored.)

 The Essential Central Park: SWINY’s Third Annual Private After-Hours Tour

No matter how often you’ve visited Central Park, there is always more to learn about its history, geology, flora, fauna, and unsuspected factoids. Questions are welcomed throughout the tour. This year’s walking tour was “The Essential Central Park.”

  The Art & Science of Pricing—How to Talk Money With Clients

Ilise Benun, president of Marketing Mentor, provided an in-depth look at the basics of pricing for creative services, including the tools for pricing profitably as well as the easily mastered intangibles that make up the “artistry.” Relevant for writers, editors, copyeditors, proofreaders, researchers–anyone who deals with words for a living.

 The Eyes Have It: Revolution in Biomedical Imaging

Marvels of cutting-edge biomedical imaging—in three very different areas—and their applications to human disease were presented by their renowned innovators. Co-organized with Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Plus SWINY’s annual legendary February party celebrating our community!

Plans for 2015 are well underway―and it’s membership support that makes all of this possible.

*SWINY members who joined between September and December 2014 are in good standing for 2015.

Everyone who joined before September—it’s time to renew!  Choose to pay via PayPal or check—complete information is at:

Your membership keeps SWINY vital—and we thank you!

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