Dec. 1: Big Pharma & COVID-19 Vaccines: A Virtual Conversation with Investigative Journalist Gerald Posner

​Big Pharma & COVID-19 Vaccines: A Virtual Conversation with Investigative Journalist Gerald Posner

Tuesday, December 1, 7 pm EST

  • How good will the new vaccines for COVID-19 be and when will we get them?
  • How good is the data? 
  • Can we trust Big Pharma to make a safe and effective vaccine? 

Science Writers in New York is excited to present author and award-winning investigative journalist Gerald Posner (@geraldposner)  to discuss the meaning of the interim results of vaccines for COVID-19 announced by Pfizer and Moderna.

Posner will talk to SWINY co-chair David Levine (@dlloydlevine) about the financing of vaccines, their distribution, which companies are likely to profit as well as other vaccines in the pipeline including AstraZeneca’s, which the company announced “produces a robust immune response in older adults.” He will also discuss the approval processes in the United States and Europe and challenges to rolling out a vaccine to the public.

Posner is the author of 13 acclaimed books, including New York Times nonfiction bestsellers Case Closed, Why America Slept and God’s Bankers. Posner was a finalist for the Pulitzer in History. The New York Times said his latest book Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America (March 2020 Simon and Schuster) was “a withering and encyclopedic indictment of a drug industry that often seems to prioritize profits over patients…[it] reads like a pharmaceutical version of cops and robbers.” 

Garry Wills calls Posner “a superb investigative reporter” and the Los Angeles Times says he is “a classic-style investigative journalist.” “Painstakingly honest journalism,” concluded The New York Times. “Posner, a former Wall Street lawyer, demolishes myths through a meticulous re-examination of the facts,” reported the Chicago Tribune. “Meticulous research,” Newsday. John Martin, former national correspondent for ABC News says, “Posner is one of the most successful investigators I have encountered in 30 years of journalism.”

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Tuesday, December 1
7 to 8 pm EST


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