May 15: Using Artificial Intelligence to Up Your Science-Writing Game

A Virtual Conversation with Dr. Emma Hitt Nichols

Wednesday, May 15th, 7 pm EDT, on Zoom

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Science Writers in New York is pleased to present a talk with Dr. Emma Hitt Nichols (@Emma_Hitt) who has made a career of helping science writers as well as healthcare professionals, scientists, and graduate students explore the field of freelance medical writing so that they can transition into a lucrative career that allows them to set their own hours and work remotely.

Lately she has turned her attention to artificial intelligence as a tool to help writers and editors. Emma will talk to SWINY chair David Levine (@dlloydlevine) about:

  • How to decide whether to use ChatGPT4 in a project—sometimes you should not
  • An easy way to compare chatbots
  • How to write effective prompts tailored to science writing tasks
  • Creating a custom GPT tailored to your specific writing needs
  • Perplexity and why it is the search engine you will want to use
  • Creating an AI usage policy for yourself or your organization
  • The impact of generative AI on science writing

Dr. Emma Hitt Nichols is a medical writer and editor and has been serving medical communications and publishing companies for more than 20 years. She holds a PhD in cancer-related cell signaling, an MS in technical and professional communication, and a BS in biology. In 2015, Emma founded Nascent Medical, a team of medical writers serving CME/CPD companies and medical communications agencies and has grown that to a team of over 80 writers.

Emma lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, with her husband and cat, enjoying the tumultuous seascape of the Atlantic Ocean as she brings her clients’ projects to life.

Read a recent post by Emma on artificial intelligence here.

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