SWINY board members contribute time, energy, and resourcefulness to plan and carry out educational events and social opportunities and maximize SWINY’s value to the science writing/editing community.

Responsibilities include:    

  • brainstorming
  • sharing contacts
  • identifying meeting spaces and convenient locations for informal socializing
  • drafting and copy-editing event announcements

As volunteers, board members are strongly encouraged to:

  • participate in board meetings
  • attend as many SWINY events as possible and assist with guest check-in, refreshments, or other basics as needed
  • organize or co-organize at least one event each year

And most important—board members enjoy the camaraderie and stimulation of collaborating with creative, motivated colleagues.  

SWINY has an open board—anyone interested in volunteering to help run SWINY is welcome to attend a few board meetings. Contact any board member below for more information.

Current Board Members


David L. Levine — Chair
Freelance Health/Medical Writer
@dlloydlevine on Twitter

Alan S. Brown — Secretary
Freelance writer

Sheila Sperber Haas, PhD — Treasurer
Freelance writer


Rita Baron-Faust, MPH, CHES
Medical journalist, Health educator

Miriam Gordon
Independent scientific editor/writer/blogger
@miriamgordon on Twitter

Carol Milano
Health care and environmental journalist

Rachel Yarmolinsky
Program Director, Division of Ethics at Columbia University

Lloyd Zimmerman
Freelance writer

Jennifer Cable
Freelance writer

Monica J. Smith
Monica J. Smith is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor specializing in medical journalism, producing material for physicians as well as lay readers

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